Jacquie Barker's Beginning Java Objects PDF

By Jacquie Barker

ISBN-10: 1430211156

ISBN-13: 9781430211150

ISBN-10: 1590591461

ISBN-13: 9781590591468

Export writer Barker covers info key for talent with an OO programming language like Java, and exhibits how you can really create reusable code and extensible applications.

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7; = y; II This line will compile inC and C++, but not in Java . 7, into x, which is declared to be an int. If this transfer were to take place, this would cause the fractional part of y to be truncated, and x would wind up with the value of 2. This represents a loss in precision, and so the Java compiler will generate an error on the last line: Incompatible type for =. Explicit cast needed to convert double to int. In order to signal to the Java compiler that we are willing to accept the loss of precision, we must perform an explicit cast, which involves preceding the expression whose value is to be transferred with the desired target data type enclosed in parentheses.

The Enterprise Edition ofJava - known as J2EE for short - encompasses all of these server-side technologies, but is beyond the scope of this book to address. We'll focus on java applications (versus either applets or J2EE server-side components) for the remainder of this book; the techniques that you will learn for application development are directly applicable to all of these other technologies, however. com). Java Provides 'One Stop Shopping' With most conventional programming languages, the core language does not automatically provide everything that you'll need in order to build an industrial strength application, with a graphical user interface and access to a database management system.

0 - DO D 0 DO 0 DO D()VO 0 ( [ Lj ava/ lang/String; ) VO DD OCodeO DHello D Hello, javaD .... Ep 0 ~ ... platform INDEPENDENT byte code I TheJVM is a special piece of software that knows how to interpret and execute java byte code. That is, instead of a java program running directly under control of the operating system the way traditionally compiled programs do, the JVM itself runs under direct control of the operating system, and the Java program in turn runs under control of the JVM, as illustrated in the following diagram.

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