Basic concepts in quantum computation by Ekert A., Hayden P., Inamori H. PDF

By Ekert A., Hayden P., Inamori H.

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G. 6). Strang termed such approxima* It is possible to add interelement jump terms to a functional leading to a D i s c o n t i n u o u s see Cockburn e t al. 5 for more information. Galerkinformulation - Finite element approximation-Galerkin method tions a v a r i a t i o n a l c r i m e 7 but showed convergence could still be achieved provided certain requirements were met. g. see Simo and Rifai8). In the forms given for problems in solid mechanics we will use interpolations which satisfy the C Orequirement; however, in the study of thin plates we will present some forms which violate the C 1 requirement.

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Basic concepts in quantum computation by Ekert A., Hayden P., Inamori H.

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