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By K. Baberschke, M. Donath, W. Nolting (auth.), Prof. Klaus Baberschke, Prof. Wolfgang Nolting, Prof. Markus Donath (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540423893

ISBN-13: 9783540423898

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Written by means of top specialists within the box of band-ferromagnetism, this e-book is meant to provide a standing document on our knowing of this complex and interesting challenge of stable country physics. sleek advancements are provided and defined in an instructional type emphasizing the decisive principles and the recent issues of present and destiny study on band-ferromagnetism. The authors contain experimentalists and theoreticians engaged on varied points of magnetism and applying a number of suggestions. particularly, they deal with the next 5 relevant topics: Ground-State homes, Finite-Temperature digital constitution, types of Band-Ferromagnetism, Low-Dimensional platforms, knowing Spectroscopies. The e-book could be of profit to scholars and researchers alike.

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For example, in thin film magnetism Fe, Co and Ni ions contribute equally strong to the anisotropy energy, be it a surface atom or an atom in the inner part of a nanostructure, namely 10−100µeV/atom. 3 · erg/cm which is not so easy to be compared. 2 we discuss the magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE), which is the energy to rotate the magnetization of a single magnetic domain from its easy axis into the hard axis. At first glance this energy is largest at T = 0 and reduces to 0, if T approaches the ordering temperature T C [16].

Its contribution to the Hamiltonian is 1 H ls = ξl · s = ξlz sz + ξ [l+ s− + l− s+ ] 2 (1) where ξ and λ = l · s are the radial and angular part, respectively, of the spinorbit operator [14]. In a perturbation expansion H ls mixes an unperturbed state |gr of energy Egr with exited states |ex of energy Eex . A. D¨ urr Comparing Eq. (2) with the second-order contribution to the ground-state energy, E (2) , gives 1 E (2) = ξ l · s (3) 2 If we neglect spin-flip terms caused by the ladder operators l∓ s± in Eq.

One might say that µL /atom is very small (left hand y-axis). On the other hand the relative change in % is extremely large, namely 22 %. 6µB , it is no surprise that the orbital moment is only a few % of µS . Important is the relative change of µL . 2) for these ultrathin Ni/Pt-multilayers is 10 − 100 times larger compared to a bulk Ni single crystal [44]. Finally we note that a precise determination of µL from XMCD relies on a proper determination of the area under the dichroic signal at the L3 - and L2 -edges.

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Band-Ferromagnetism: Ground-State and Finite-Temperature Phenomena by K. Baberschke, M. Donath, W. Nolting (auth.), Prof. Klaus Baberschke, Prof. Wolfgang Nolting, Prof. Markus Donath (eds.)

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