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By E. Palmén and C.W. Newton (Eds.)

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1 (a) Isopleths of effective insolation (solid) and outgoing radiation from earth-atmosphere system (dashed and dotted) in langleys per day, determined by Rasool and Prabhakara (1966) from a year of TIROS satellite measurements. (b) The corresponding net radiation. (Reprinted, redrawn, from Problems of Atmospheric Circulation, R. Garcia and T. 1 Principles of Flux and Storage of Energy 29 is a surplus of radiative heating equatorward of about latitude 37° and a corresponding deficit at higher latitudes.

Here the northward flux of latent heat (WopL) is nearly compensated by an almost equally large southward transport of realized energy (Wopa) in the atmosphere. 3 QUANTITIES NEEDED FOR COMPUTATION OF ENERGY FLUXES FROM EQs. 8)a Latitude belt Re Ra Rae LP LE L(P-E) Q. 011 a Units: lyjmin. Values are essentially from Sellers (1965), following Budyko (1963). 4 are presented graphically in Fig. 4, which is almost identical to a similar presentation by Sellers (1965). 3, suggest that the various components of the energy flux derived from these values are realistic.

30° '. "· 7005 500".... ............... I. :.... -2 / / / -4 ATMOSPHERIC ENERGY FLUX -4 OCEANIC HEAT FLUX -6 ........... LATENT HEAT FLUX -6 EQUATOR -8 FIG. 4 Solid curves show the mean annual northward flux of net energy in the atmosphere-ocean system. Other curves show atmospheric flux of realized energy (enthalpy + potential energy), atmospheric flux of latent heat, and oceanic flux of heat. Units are (right scale) 1016 cal/min or (left scale) 1012 kJ/sec. (Reprinted, redrawn, from W.

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