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By Guey-Lin Lin, Kin-Wang Ng, Husain Athar

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Complaints fo the 1st NCTS Workshop. comprises distinct articles by means of theorists and experimentalists within the newly constructing box of astroparticle physics. a few of the issues contain: neutrinos in astroparticle physics, large bang nucleosynthesis, string idea and cosmology.

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15 Figure 11. Two-dimensional frequentist confidence regions in the (H0,aB) plane 3 9 . The red, orange and yellow regions correspond to the 68%, 95%, and 99% confidence regions respectively. Standard calculations from big bang nucleosynthesis and observations of & predict a 95% confidence region of QBh2 = 0 . 0 2 1 + ° ° ° | ' indicated b y the shaded region. 40 4 Constraints from B B N Limits on particle physics beyond the standard model are mostly sensitive to the bounds imposed on the 4 He abundance.

The Helium (Y) and Oxygen (O/H) abundances in extragalactic HII regions, from refs. 8 and 9 . Lines connect the same regions observed by different groups. The regression shown leads to the primordial 4 He abundance given in Eq. (5). nation. The solid box for 4 He in Figure 4 represents the range (at 2

Changes in Nu actually affect not only 4 He, but also the abundances of the other light elements as seen in Fig. 12 42 . We see the typical large dependence on Nu in 4 He, but also note the shifts in the other elements, particularly D, and also Li over some ranges in 77. Because of these variations, one is not restricted to only 4 He in testing N„ and particle physics. Just as 4 He and 7Li were sufficient to determine a value for 77, a limit on N„ can be obtained as well 20,43,44 . The likelihood approach utilized above can be extended to include Nu as a free parameter.

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Astroparticle Physics: Proceedings of the First Ncts Workshop, Kenting, Taiwan, 6-8 December 2001 by Guey-Lin Lin, Kin-Wang Ng, Husain Athar

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