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By James Hopwood Jeans

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This moment version, initially released in 1929, is an in depth survey on the vanguard of cosmology and astronomy with specific connection with the actual kingdom of subject, the constitution, composition and life-cycle of stars, and the superstructures of nebulae and galaxies. meant as a rigourously argued clinical treatise, each attempt used to be made via denims to render the result of far-reaching developments in cosmology intelligible to a huge diversity of readers.

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We can construct an imaginary model of the system of the great nebulae by taking about 50 tons of biscuits and spreading them so as to fill a sphere of a mile radius, thus spacing them at about 25 yards apart. The sphere represents the range of vision of the 100-inch telescope; each biscuit represents a great nebula of some 4000 parsecs diameter. A few nebulae of exceptional size must be represented by articles rather larger than biscuits, while our system of stars, up to Kapteyn's tenth spheroid, would be represented by a flat cake 13 inches in diameter and 2£ inches in thickness.

Distribution of Energy in the Spectra of Perfect Radiators at different Temperatures. The wave-lengths given for the limits of the visible spectrum have been obtained by slight extrapolation from observations recorded by Nutting*. * Phil. Mag. xxix. (1915), p. 301. 40 The Light from the Stars [CH. , this being approximately half-way between the two limits of visibility.

120 (1926). S. LXXXVIII. (1928), p. 395. C. similarly refers to Dreyer's New General Catalogue [Mem. Royal Ast. Soc. 49 (1888), Part I). § Popular Astronomy, xxxm. (1925), No. 4 or The Observatory, XLVIII. (1925), p. 139. |j Astrophys. Journal, t-xin. (1926), p. 236. IT Ibid. LXII. (1925), p. 409. C. 891 seen edgewise (This is oriented so as to compare directly with the sideways nebula shewn in Plate I) 15-18] The Great Nebulae 19 "island-universes" distinct from the universe which contains our sun.

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