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By John Vornholt

ISBN-10: 067188560X

ISBN-13: 9780671885601

The Bajoran shipyard is assigned to construct an engine for a brand new starship, a venture which can be instrumental in revitalizing the planet's war-ravished financial system. As Commander Sisko awaits the arriving of a tanker containing the antimatter that would energy the starship, a band of hijackers captures the super precious shipment and escapes throughout the wormhole. while the hijacking spurs a political debate, significant Kira struggles to mediate the dispute among the opposing factions. in the meantime, Sisko makes a determined circulation to retrieve the antimatter. With the steadiness of the Bajoran economic climate at stake, Sisko, Dax, and Odo infiltrate the hijackers, a circulation that may have lethal results for them and the planet Bajor.

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Amkot's desk looked like a slab of black epoxy, although it was chipped and scratched in various places, as if it had spent several years in careless storage. His chair looked considerably more comfort- able than the one Sisko was sitting in. At least it had padding. A huge diagram of the Hannibal covered one entire wall, and behind the desk were a number of diplomas and citations, all etched on brightly colored slabs. There were blank spaces on the walls, too, where citations had apparently been removed.

This is Com- mander Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine," his voice thundered. " came the reply. "I want to assure you that this incident had nothing to do with your presence here, nothing! Arch number three is the center arch, so it was the most obvious target. The charges could have been set days ago, or weeks ago. " asked Sisko. "Yes, Commander. It will take some doing, but we can move a center arch from one of the other bays. They're not in use. " "We will meet you there," Sisko concluded. He nodded to his first officer.

Miles nodded and instructed his assistant to keep scouring the sand for evidence. He ran the rest of the way and knelt down beside her. " "This," she said, pointing to the crystallized re- mains. "I think it's the fixative that held the charge in place. " O'Brien squinted at the deposits. " "Unless I miss my guess," said Keiko, "it's bad news. I want to take a sample and go back to the runabout right away. " "Okay," said O'Brien. "I'11 stay here and keep looking. " "I will," she promised. Benjamin Sisko had just lain down for what he hoped would be a brief but relaxing nap.

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