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Fearon,D. D. Role of receptors for complement and Epstein-Barrvirus in the inductionof polyclonalB cell proliferation anddifferentiation. J. (Submitted) 71. Nadler, L. , Boyd,A. , Anderson,K. , Thorley-Lawson, D. , Schlossman, S. F. 1985. The B cell restricted glycoprotein(B2)is the receptor for Epstein-Barrvirus. J. Immunol. (Submitted) 72. Fearon,D. T. 1984. Cellular receptors for fragmentsof the third component of complement,lmrnun. Today 5:105-10 73. Ross, G. D. Analysisof the different types of leukocyte membrane complement receptors and their interaction with the complement system.

Kettman, J. R. 1984. Evidence for two distinct activation states available to B lymphocytes. J . Immunol. 133:2327-32 Monroe, J. , Cambier, J. C. 1983. B cell activation. 111. B cell plasma membrane depolarization and hyper-la antigen expression induced by receptor immunoglobulin cross-linking are Exp. Med. 158: 1589-99 coupled. I Coggeshall, K. , Cambier, J. C. 1985. B cell activation. VI. Effects of exogenous diglyceride and modulators of phospholipid metabolism suggest a central role for diacylglycerol generation in transmembrane signaling by mlg.

J. Immunol. 134: 2419-25 172. , Cambier, J. , Julius, M. , Theze, J. 1985. Supernatant from a cloned helper T cell stimulates most small resting B cells to undergo increased I-A expression, blastogenesis and progression through cell cycle. (Submitted) 173. Thompson, C. , Schaefer, M. , Finkelman, F. , Mond, J. J. 1985. T cell-derived B cell growth factor@)can induce stimulation of both resting and activated B cells. J. Immunol. 134 : 369-74 174. Freedman, A. , Boyd, A. , Anderson, K. , Fischer, D.

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