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By Isaiah Leslie Miller

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AN creation TO arithmetic With functions to technology and Agriculture via ISATAII LESLIE MILLER Professor of arithmetic, South Dakota kingdom collage of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts F. S. CROFTS CO. manhattan ----MCMXXX COPYRIGHT, 1930, by way of F. S. CROITS Co., INC. synthetic within the united states via BRAUNWORTH CO., INC., BROOKLYN, manhattan PREFACE AFTER a few fourteen years of educating in American schools and universities the writer unearths that the typical highschool graduate has no longer built in himself a mathematical form of reasoning. lie as a result hopes that this therapy may perhaps in a few degree accomplish this goal. the 1st few chapters are dedicated to a radical overview of highschool algebra, for the writer is confident that almost all university inexperienced persons want huge drill at the primary tactics of algebra prior to trying a truly large research of arithmetic. In getting ready this booklet the writer has stored in brain forms of scholars first, those that won't ever take extra paintings in arithmetic, and moment, those that will proceed the paintings in technological know-how or agriculture for complicated levels and may no doubt wish to pursue extra classes in arithmetic. He has consequently tried to put in writing a e-book easy within the primary rules of arithmetic and even as has endeavored to make functional purposes to the fields of technological know-how and agri tradition, anyplace attainable. He feels thorough wisdom of the fabric coated during this paintings will allow the second one kind of pupil to effectively pursue a path in analytical geometry via a path within the calculus. the writer gratefully recognizes his indebtedness to his colleagues, Professor Win. Asker for getting ready the bankruptcy on data, and Mr. H. B. MacDougal for checking a lot of the cloth, to Professor I. W. Smith of the North Dakota Agri cultural university for utilizing the cloth in mimeographed shape and supplying many invaluable feedback, to Dean D. A. Roth VI PREFACE rock of Indiana college for interpreting lots of the manuscript and to Professor Wm. Marshall of Purdue college for encouraging him within the paintings. the writer additionally wants to thank Professor E. S. Crawley of the college of Pennsylvania for his beneficiant permission to exploit the higher a part of his Tables of Logarithms as a element of this booklet. I. L. MILLER SOUTH DAKOTA country university CONTENTS bankruptcy I ALGEBRAIC OPERATIONS ARTICLE web page 1. 4 primary OPERATIONS 1 2. ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION 1 three. USE OF PARENTHESES, indicators OF AGGREGATION 1 four. MULTIPLICATION three five. department four 6. department OF A POLYNOMIAL via A POLYNOMIAL four 7. 0 IN department four bankruptcy II FACTORING eight. vital sort items i nine. different very important items eight 10. maximum universal issue nine eleven. LOWEST universal a number of 10 bankruptcy III LINEAR EQUATIONS in a single UNKNOWN 12. EQUALITIES 12 thirteen. answer OR ROOT OF AN EQUATION 12 14. an identical EQUATIONS thirteen 15. OPERATIONS ON EQUATIONS thirteen sixteen. kind type of THE LINEAR EQUATION in a single UNKNOWN. . . thirteen 17. VERIFICATION through SUBSTITUTION thirteen bankruptcy IV FRACTIONS 18. ALGEBRAIC FRACTION sixteen 19. OPERATIONS sixteen vii Vlll CONTENTS ARTICLE web page 20. relief OP a fragment TO ITS LOWEST phrases 17 21. ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION 18 22. MULTIPLICATION AND department 19 23. advanced FRACTIONS 20 24. FRACTIONAL EQUATIONS 21 bankruptcy V capabilities 25. CONSTANTS AND VARIABLES 24 26. DEFINITION OF A functionality 24 27. practical NOTATION 24 28. practical family 25 29. formulation TAKEN FROM GEOMETRY . . . 26 30. GRAPHICAL illustration OF practical kinfolk. ... 29 31. STATISTICAL info 34 bankruptcy VI platforms OF LINEAR EQUATIONS 32. GRAPHS OP LINEAR EQUATIONS . 39 33. GRAPHICAL answer forty-one 34. ALGEBRAIC answer forty three 35. answer of 3 LINEAR EQUATIONS IN 3 UNKNOWNS. forty four 36. SLOPE OF A directly LINE forty eight 37. DISTANCE among issues 50 38. EQUATION OF A immediately LINE 50 39. challenge element kind of THE EQUATION OF A LINE . fifty one forty. challenge SLOPE AND ONE element kind of THE EQUATION OF A LINE fifty three 41...

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He gained 8%, and on the second he lost 6%. His net gain on the two was $120. What was the amount of each investment? 18. On the first LINEAR EQUATIONS IN ONE ART. 17] UNKNOWN 15 How heavy a stone can a man, by exerting a force of 175 pounds, with a crow-bar 6 feet in length if the fulcrum be six inches from the stone (neglect the weight of the crow-bar)? 19. lift W is the weight to be lifted, that W-w = F-f, where the force applied, w the distance between weight and fulcrum and / the distance between force and fulcrum.

Draw (-3, 3. Draw 3), (-3, -4). , -5). What of a point 6. -6), (-2, 3). (6,5), (5, 4. (3, 4), (5, the triangle having for vertices the points is the abscissa of a point on the F-axis? The ordinate on the X-axis? Find the distance between the points (1, 2) and (4, 6). Draw a curve showing the change in the volume of a cube as to 5. the length of the edge 1 changes from 6. 8. + is I 2. Show by a from to 5. changes Show by a graph the change in volume of a sphere as the diameter One side of a rectangle is the change in the area as graph 7.

1 -1 + 2n - 8 ' n* n 2 ab y* x* 23. Complex y 4 + (x fractions. b y) 2 A numerator or denominator or fraction with a fraction in its in both is called a complex fraction. M. of the denominators of the simple fractions that terms. make up the ART. 24] FRACTIONS 21 Example. a: 2 y) ) Exercises Simplify the following fractions: i 1. +1 :- 1 6. 1 ~" y 2. 7. P 3. x 1 y + x- 8. P+l 1 m n m+ n 9. + - m 1 1 10. 1 +1- n + (_^__^ 1 -r 24. Fractional equations. To solve involves fractionsi clear it of fractions / \a + an + fll + i a _Ji_) - equation that by multiplying each AN INTRODUCTION TO MATHEMATICS 22 member by common denominator the lowest [CHAP.

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