Download e-book for iPad: An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics by Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Businger (Eds.)

By Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Businger (Eds.)

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This ebook is addressed to those that desire to comprehend the connection among atmospheric phenomena and the character of topic as expressed within the rules of physics. The fascinating atmospheric phenomena are greater than purposes of gravitation, of thermodynamics, of hydrodynamics, or of electrodynamics; and mastery of the result of managed scan and of the similar thought by myself doesn't suggest an knowing of atmospheric phenomena. This contrast arises as the volume and the complexity of the ambience enable results and interactions which are fullyyt negligible within the laboratory or are intentionally excluded from it. the target of laboratory physics is, through setting apart the appropriate variables, to bare the elemental houses of topic; while the target of atmospheric physics, or of any observational technological know-how, is to appreciate these phenomena which are attribute of the full process. For those purposes the exposition of atmospheric physics calls for big extensions of classical physics. It additionally calls for that knowing be in accordance with a coherent "way of seeing" the ensemble of atmospheric phenomena. in basic terms then is knowing prone to stimulate nonetheless extra common insights.

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Therefore, from Eq. 16) we find that the total mass of the atmosphere is 5 x 101 8 kg. The mean distribution of pressure at sea level for the month of January is shown in Fig. 5. The outstanding features are the semipermanent systems of high and low pressure. In general, high pressure predominates at about 30° north and south latitude; low pressure predominates at high latitudes and in the tropics, and the lowest pressures are found in the regions of Iceland and the Aleutian Islands. 5 also reveals that in the winter hemisphere pressure is higher over land than over sea, whereas in the summer hemisphere pressure is higher over the sea than over land.

2) The number of molecules hitting the area d A in time d t is found by integrating from 0 = 0 to 6' = n/2 to be $u d n , d t d A Consequently, the molecules with speeds between u and u + d v experience $ vdn, collisions with the wall per unit area per unit time. The total number of collisions per unit area and per unit time is obtained by integrating over 32 11. PROPERTIES OF ATMOSPHERIC GASES the entire range of speeds. If the average speed is defined by then the total number of collisions per unit area per unit time may be written in the form nfi In Problem 2 an expression is developed for the total number of collisions per unit area per unit time per unit solid angle for molecules of all velocities.

C. Kaye and T. H. , John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1973, and W. E. , 1959. 12 ENTROPY 49 and division gives cp c, J. 3. From this table it is clear that the specific heat as computed from Eqs. 40) corresponds closely to the observed values. 9 it follows that work done by a system depends on the process it goes through and not only on the initial and final states of the system; therefore dw is not expressible as an exact differential by expansion in terms of the state variables. The same consideration holds for heat.

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An Introduction to Atmospheric Physics by Robert G. Fleagle and Joost A. Businger (Eds.)

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