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By Ali S. Üstünel

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This ebook supplies the foundation of the probabilistic useful research on Wiener house, constructed over the past decade. the topic has advanced significantly in recent times thr- ough its hyperlinks with QFT and the effect of Stochastic Calcu- lus of adaptations of P. Malliavin. even though the latter bargains basically with the regularity of the legislation of random varia- bles outlined at the Wiener area, the publication makes a speciality of rather assorted topics, i.e. independence, Ramer's theorem, and so on. First 12 months graduate point in practical research and thought of stochastic approaches is needed (stochastic integration with recognize to Brownian movement, Ito formulation etc). it may be taught as a 1-semester path because it is, or in 2 semesters including preliminaries from the speculation of stochastic tactics it's a ordinary advent to Malliavin calculus!

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The rest is almost the transcription of the real case combined with the Khintchine inequalities. We leave hence this passage to the reader. QED Corollary For every p > 1, k 6 R, V has a continuous extension as a map Dp,k "-) Dv,k-I(H). Proofi We have IIV~ll,,~ = < II(I+L:)k/2V~IIp cpll(1 + s + ~)k/2~llv II(I + s = II~llp,~+l QED Corollary Proof: 5 = V* : Dp,k(H) --~ Dp,k-1 is continuous Vp > 1 and k 6 R. QED The proof follows from thc duality. In particular: Corollary V : N D p , k = D---+ D ( H ) = ["] Dp,k(H) p,k p,k is continuous and extends continuously as a map v : m ' = Uvp,k ~ o ' ( n ) = U D~,~(H), p,k p,k the elements of the space D' are called Meyer-Watanabe distributions.

G(x)] = E[F(w)G(pw + V/1 - p2 z)] = E [ E ( p w + x/1 - p2 z)G(w)] = + vlf- p2 5)G( (v) . p(d(o)~(ds) = E[G(x) f F(px + X/1 - p2 5). #(dh)] where w, z represent the dummy variables of integration. C o r o l l a r y 1: Under the hypothesis of the above lemma, we have [[ f F(px + v/l -- p2 5)it(d5 ) Lq(dla) ~_ [[F,,L. W for any ( p - 1) _> p2(q _ 1). Y-Multipliers Theorem LP-Multipliers Theorem gives us a tool to perform some sort of symbolic calculus to study the continuity of the operators defined via the Wiener chaos decomposition of the Wiener functionals.

It is easy now to see that, for g E S ( R d) f g(x)kt(x, y)dx = E~ R' 9ZtlYt] . QED Chapter VI Positive distributions and applications Positive Meyer-Watanabe distributions If 0 is a positive distribution on R d, then a well-known theorem says that 0 is a positive measure, finite on the compact sets. We will prove an analogous result for the Meyer-Watanabe distributions in this section, show that they are absolutely continuous with respect to the capacities defined with respect to the scale of the Sobolev spaces on the Wiener space and give an application to the construction of the local time of the Wiener process.

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