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Stop compared with predecessor ƍɥ2#2ɥ". com WHAT’S NEW: The next-generation Leica M9 is what the Leica M8 should have been. ɥ use screw-in corrective filters on your lenses (an unexpected flaw in the M8). WHAT’S BETTER: At 18 megapixels as opposed to 10, the resolution of the M9 soars above the M8’s, better serving the legendary sharpness of Leica lenses. 2(-%ɥ images in the non-TTL finder) and set your own exposure with an old-fashioned shutter speed dial and aperture ring. ) But those things are exactly what an inveterate rangefinder photographer wants.

I contacted Jonathan through his website to ask if we could license this particular image for use in a retail ad campaign,” says account executive Ashleigh Sawyer. THE CAMPAIGN The photo was used throughout 2008 and 2009 in billboard, print and television ads (above) for the Kingsgate Center shopping complex in Lubbock. ” ©JONATHAN LABERGE; COURTESY THE THOMAS AGENCY the edges like we wanted. But the image was not high-res enough, the people in the image were underage and not model-released, and there was at least a two-day lag in discussions with the photographer — all red flags that make an image unlicensable.

Opposite below: Eric Ellison, a friend of the group, runs up the beach to swim out in the strong Australian current and catch another wave. KILLER SURFING DESTINATIONS Different locations offer a variety of moods for both surfers and shooters. Here are suggestions from some of the top surf photographers for where to find serious waves and talented riders. But check weather reports before you go. DUSTIN HUMPHREY Mentawai Islands, Indonesia: Off the western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawais are good from March to October but best from June to September.

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