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M. of water-soluble boron, Olson (1942) failed to obtain increased yields by adding boron. f. Copper. Like iron, copper functions as a coenzyme in oxidation and reducing systems. It has been shown by Manns et al. (1937) to produce substantial increases in yields of cotton when added to fertilizers in North and South Carolina and Virginia. Gaines et a2. (1947) has found copper applications to cotton in Texas to produce greater yield increases when applied to the leaves as a dust with insecticides than when applied in the soil.

Seed treatment reduces primary infections, but cannot be expected to entirely COTTON 31 control the disease inasmuch as a small percentage of infection is carried within the seed. The centers of infection resulting from the internal infection may pass unnoticed in the field, but if favorable conditions arise considerable spread may be expected. , 1933; Hare and King, 1940; Massey, 1930; Rolfs, 1935). Stoughton (1933) has described the effects of environmental conditions upon the disease. It is obvious that the most practical approach to complete control of bacterial blight is through the development of disease resistant varieties.

Five per cent, or less, of the light intensity a t the top of the plants may be found near the ground under a heavy growth of cotton. 24 FRANK M. EATON 6. Effect of Drought on Plant Composition and Fruiting Drought, as studied by Eaton and Ergle (1948), was found to cause an increase in hexose sugars in cotton leaves and large reductions in starch. I n the stems and roots, on the other hand, there were always moderate to large increases in hexoses, sucrose, and starch. The data show that the utilization of photosynthetic products in growth is curtailed more by drought than is photosynthesis.

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