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Wc -L gives only the length of the longest line. txt" files have a linefeed in their name. # Alternative ways of doing this are: # find . txt -print0 | grep -cz . C. Using wc to total up the size of all the files whose names begin with letters in the range d - h bash$ wc [d-h]* | grep total | awk '{print $3}' 71832 Using wc to count the instances of the word "Linux" in the main source file for this book. sgml | wc -l 50 See also Example 12-30 and Example 16-7. Certain commands include some of the functionality of wc as options.

Exit 0 colrm Column removal filter. This removes columns (characters) from a file and writes the file, lacking the range of specified columns, back to stdout. colrm 2 4

It is all too easy to underestimate the power of this humble command. For example, using the R, recursive option, ls provides a tree-like listing of a directory structure. Other interesting options are -S, sort listing by file size, -t, sort by file modification time, and -i, show file inodes (see Example 12-3). Example 12-1. /bin/bash SPEED=2 # May use higher speed if your hardware supports it. iso CONTENTSFILE=contents DEFAULTDIR=/opt # Make sure this directory exists. # Script to automate burning a CDR.

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