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By Cooper M.

The complex Bash Scripting advisor is either a reference and an educational on shell scripting. This complete publication (the an identical of approximately 646 print pages) covers virtually each point of shell scripting. It comprises over three hundred profusely commented illustrative examples, and a few tables. not only a shell scripting educational, this e-book additionally offers an creation to easy programming concepts, reminiscent of sorting and recursion. it truly is well matched for both person examine or school room use.

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Echo "$hello" echo "${hello}" echo hello="A B C D" echo $hello echo "$hello" # Now, echo $hello and echo "$hello" # Quoting a variable preserves whitespace. give different results. echo echo '$hello' # Variable referencing disabled by single quotes, #+ which causes the "$" to be interpreted literally. # Notice the effect of different types of quoting. hello= # Setting it to a null value. echo "\$hello (null value) = $hello" # Note that setting a variable to a null value is not the same as #+ unsetting it, although the end result is the same (see below).

Construct. 3. Comparison operators (binary) 46 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide if [ "$a" \< "$b" ] Note that the "<" needs to be escaped within a [ ] construct. > is greater than, in ASCII alphabetical order if [[ "$a" > "$b" ]] if [ "$a" \> "$b" ] Note that the ">" needs to be escaped within a [ ] construct. See Example 26−4 for an application of this comparison operator. −z string is "null", that is, has zero length −n string is not "null". The −n test absolutely requires that the string be quoted within the test brackets.

It is a synonym for test, and a builtin for efficiency reasons. This command considers its arguments as comparison expressions or file tests and returns an exit status corresponding to the result of the comparison (0 for true, 1 for false). 02, Bash introduced the [[ ... ]] extended test command, which performs comparisons in a manner more familiar to programmers from other languages. Note that [[ is a keyword, not a command. Bash sees [[ $a −lt $b ]] as a single element, which returns an exit status.

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Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. A complete guide to shell scripting by Cooper M.

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