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By C. K. Jorgensen

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The latter picture is only correct for the mass ratio between the nucleus and the electrons and to some extent for the very low density in the volume outside the nucleus. On the other hand, the planets are individually different, tangible bodies, while the electron density in an atom is described by the cloudy wave function mentioned above. One further important difference is that while the gravity interactions between the planets are very small, compared to the interaction with the sun, the electrostatic interactions between the electrons in an atom with several electrons are by no means negligible, compared to the attraction by the nucleus.

37), it is possible 2 to write ζη1 as a quadratic function k^Z^ , where the proportionality constant k nI varies surprisingly little within a given p- or d-shell. In this case, Z # is a linear function of the number of electrons q in the partly filled shell, being Z* = Z 0 + 0-5 + 0-7q for 4p<* and Z* = Z 0 — 0-8 + 0-8q for 4d<*. The factors are k 4P ~ 0 1 kK and k 4d ~ 0Ό29 kK, respectively. Z 0 is the ionic charge plus 1. The 2 fundamental reason why £ nl is proportional to Z^ is not as well understood as why Β is proportional to Z^.

ANGULAR FUNCTIONS IN CARTESIAN CO-ORDINATES Octahedral symmetry / = 0 (s-electrons) γχ even / = 1 (p-electrons) y 4 odd (d-electrons) y 5 even 1=2 y 3 even / = 3 (f-electrons) 1 = 4 (one of the gelectrons) Polynomial A (in each case to be 1 divided by r ) 1 1 G V3 V3 V3 rxy

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