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This sq. , we THE a-RAYS 24 Chap. II, 2 due to the fact that air equivalents themselves are dependent on the velocity of the rays, and hence one and the same sheet, introduced at is different points of the trajectory, shortens the range in air by different amounts. In the investigation of the behaviour of different media with respect to the same a-rays we often take account of the 'stopping power', instead of the range or the air equivalent. The stopping power of a medium is the quantity that expresses how many atoms of a standard 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Atomic Number FIG.

This method has proved invaluable not only for counting the particles, but also for the study of the fate of the individual particles during their flight. With the aid of this method sudden changes in the direction of the tracks have been detected, and these have led to important conclusions about the collisions occurring between the particles and gas molecules (see Fig. 14, Plate I). invisible. The recording of graphic plate is individual -ray tracks in the emulsion of a photodescribed on p. 32.

The analysis of j3-rays in a magnetic field yields the further result that a line spectrum of velocities is found to be superimposed upon the continuous spectrum. It show a THE 40 Chap. Ill, 3 be mentioned in advance that the continuous spectrum of in atomic nuclei, whereas the line spectrum is proj9-rays originates duced in the electronic shells of the atoms. These questions are discussed in greater detail on p. 101. Each line in the magnetic line spectrum of -rays (cf. Fig, 17, Plate I) corresponds to a homogeneous It may to rays of definite velocity.

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