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By Gordon Morrison

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ISBN-13: 9780618585571

A toddler crouches beside a meadow brook, and a drop of water collects and falls from the child's fingertip to proceed on its trip. the place does that trip commence? excessive within the sky, rain clouds are parting. Water trickles and flows down the mountain, gathering in an upland lavatory, seeping via a beaver's dam, speeding over rocks, passing many crops and animals alongside its winding way—each depending on water and the various environments it shapes to dwell. writer and illustrator Gordon Morrison has captured a unmarried second in time, revealing the path and effect of water, and welcoming readers to pause and examine the area round them during this appealing and lyrical appreciation of nature and the source that makes all of it possible—a drop of water.

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These bodies are the material principles of everything in the sublunary world, and for Aristotle they are endowed with the capacity to move towards their own natural places. 25 Something is therefore needed to prevent the liberated material principles from being completely relocated in their natural places. The dislocation of a certain amount of earth, water, air, and fire is in fact crucial for the persistence of the process of coming into existence and going out of existence. 26 By now it should be clear that the program for the investigation of nature presented in the opening lines of the Meteorology, is strongly dependent upon a specific conception of the natural world.

Let us return to the generation of man from man. There is a sense in which the explanation of the generation of a particular man from a man can be given by pointing out four explanatory factors: the father, the sperma, the katamenia, and the goal of that particular generation; that is, a particular form of organization realized in a body of a specific type. The sun is required only to account for the continuity and eternity of the generation of a man from a man. Moreover, there are only some aspects of the celestial world which are of direct relevance to the study of the sublunary world.

See Phys. 193 a 4–9. For a discussion of this second passage, I refer the reader to Waterlow (1982: 30–1). 58 For an introduction to Aristotle’s conception of subordination see McKirahan (1978: 197–220). 59 Cf. Rhet. 1354 a 1–6. 60 looking ahead So far I have insisted on the unity of the natural world and argued that Aristotle conceives of this world as a causally unified system. In the following chapters I shall argue that Aristotle believes in the existence of celestial and sublunary natures but does not believe in the uniformity of nature.

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