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RFID (radio-frequency id) is an rising verbal exchange method know-how and some of the most quickly growing to be segments of brand new automated id facts assortment undefined. This state of the art source bargains a pretty good knowing of the elemental technical rules and functions of RFID-enabled sensor structures.

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For example, a switch-case statement can be converted into multiple if-then-else statements. Join nodes can similarly be converted into two input join nodes. A loop with multiple exit points can be converted into a single exit loop by inserting an empty basic block that acts as the exit point for all the loop exits [GP92]. The output control paths of a basic block have a condition of “true” or “false” associated with them; consequently, these control paths are known as the true path and the false path.

1. A k-layered graph is a connected graph in which the vertices are partitioned into k sets and edges run between the vertices of successive layers, and In our case, the top-level layer consists of the nodes from the HTG, next layer has nodes from the CFG and lowest level layer has nodes from the DFG. 6. 2. DESIGN DESCRIPTION MODELING 25 Of these, input dependencies do not affect scheduling of the design. To formulate the scheduling problem, we use only flow data dependencies (in practice, we maintain all the data dependencies; see next section).

3) Loop nodes are used to represent the various types of loops (for, while-do, dowhile). Loop nodes consist of a loop head and a loop tail that are single nodes and a loop body that is a compound node. The Start and Stop nodes of a HTG can be obtained by Start(HTG) and Stop(HTG). 2. DESIGN DESCRIPTION MODELING 31 gle nodes. Note that the Start and Stop nodes of a single node are the node itself. The type of a node can be obtained by Since HTGs maintain a hierarchy of nodes, they are able to retain coarse, high level information about program structure in addition to operation level and basic block level information.

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